How Effective is DIY Hand Sanitiser?

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Since the recent outbreak of Coronavirus / Covid 19, we are being told to clean our hands more often. As a result, people have been going out and stockpiling hand sanitisers, causing stores to run out of stock.

This shortage of hand sanitiser has seen the rise of people making their own home made hand sanitiser, using everything from vodka to essential oils, most of which are simply not effective!

First things first, creating your own hand sanitisers out of vodka, essential oils, or rum is a no no. Those products simply do not contain enough alcohol to be effective, since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that hand sanitiser needs to contain at least 60 percent alcohol to actually reduce your chances of getting sick and prevent spreading germs to other people, and specifically for Covid 19, “alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol should be used in order to be effective”

However, there is a challenge: getting your hands on un-diluted alcohol is difficult, Even the 80% proof alcohol only contain about 40% alcohol, and rubbing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are pre-diluted with water before they’re bottled and put on the shelf - Their specific concentration is always indicated clearly on the label, usually 70 percent or 90-91 percent alcohol.

Even when making hand sanitiser with alcohol of the correct concentration, there is still no guarantee the concoction would be effective against Covid 19, since the mixtures were never intended to be anti microbial, and could even damage your skin!

What To Do If You Can’t Find Hand Sanitiser Your best bet if hand sanitiser runs out is really good old-fashioned soap and water. Sanitisers are not as effective as washing your hands with soap and water, and should only be considered as a back up when no soap and water is available!!

Reminder: the CDC recommends scrubbing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds when you wash them; don’t forget to include your wrist.

If however you feel compelled to make your own hand sanitiser, look up this guidance from the word Health organisation on how to make effective hand sanitisers.

“To produce final concentrations of ethanol 80% v/v, glycerol 1.45% v/v, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 0.125% v/v. Pour into a 1000 ml graduated flask: * ethanol 96% v/v, 833.3 ml * H2O2 3%, 41.7 ml * glycerol 98%,14.5 ml Top up the flask to 1000 ml with distilled water or water that has been boiled and cooled; shake the flask gently to mix the content.”

How to Order the Perfect Plantain!

enter image description here Plantains come in different stages of ripeness, and the colour of the plantain is a great way to tell how ripe it is.

When Plantains are very green, they are usually firm and full of starch, and good for making plantains chips or part of a Ground Provision dish or soup.

Using our number chart, numbers 1- 4 are at the ideal stage for being part of a Ground Provision dish or soup. You can also fry them if you prefer your fried plantain to be on the firmer side. Plantains bought between 1-4, when stored properly are likely to remain in that state for at least one day after which they tend to get riper and softer.

Plantains numbered 5- 7 can be used as fried plantains that are not to firm and not too soft. Most persons prefer to use their plantains at this stage.

Plantains 7 - 10 are still good for eating, but more suitable for use as an ingredient in a recipe such as a Banana bread, or for fried plantains that are preferred to be soft and clingy.

Occasionally, you will find plantain that look like 7-10 on the outside, but on the inside they are actually 1-4!

Whatever your choice, when ordering plantains through PriceWhirl, let you Personal Shopper know your preferences and he or she will shop as if you did the shopping yourself.


Do not store your plantain in the refrigerator; store in a cool dry place.

To extend the life of your plantains, you can also place them in a basket with nutmegs, which can maintain the plantain in a good state for at least 5 days! At the moment I have 2 plantains I bought as number 3, (based on the number chart) in a basket of nutmegs for the past 7 days, and they are only at number 9!

Not enough Hours in a Day?

Busy Professional

Do you believe hiring a personal shopper is for celebrities or an unnecessary indulgence? Think again. Personal shoppers are the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle!

If you’re stretched to capacity and there are not enough hours in the day, hiring a personal shopper is a good way to create more time; from purchasing large items, through to grocery shopping. I hear you say, yes but I’m fussy and don’t want anyone choosing my groceries for me. How about you tell the personal shopper exactly what you look for when purchasing produce; what your likes and dislikes are? After that it should be plain sailing.

You may be an emerging executive/star and want to dress and look a certain way for professional appearances. A personal shopper/stylist may be just what you need to help you develop your professional identity. Again, you can show them your personal taste, and work out together what styles work and what does not.

What about your elderly parents? Sometimes you’re just too busy to pick up their groceries. Stop feeling guilty and hire a personal shopper. With the use of a personal shopper, you can focus your attention on work and enjoy the quality time that you do get to spend with them!

At the end of the day, as much as you would like to complete everything on the “to do” list, sometimes there is not enough time. A personal shopper can help you free up some precious hours to focus on the really important things you need to deliver, or simply relax and enjoy activities with family and friends.

Hiring a personal shopper doesn’t cost a fortune either. There are personal shoppers to suit every budget and you can negotiate the rate based on your requirements.

Go ahead and join the millions of successful people around the world who are redefining modern living, by placing more value on convenience and time-saving.

Focus on building your career and business, and enjoy your leisurely pursuits or leisurely pursuits, after all, you’re worth it.

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