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How It Works?

What is PriceWhirl
PriceWhirl is an online grocery shopping and delivery service allowing you to shop at your favorite supermarkets, and have your groceries delivered to you in as little as two hours. Our trained concierge shoppers carefully select the freshest and best quality groceries from your selected stores and deliver them to your preferred location. PriceWhirl is not a supermarket or a grocery retailer.
How do I start shopping
  1. Sign up with your email to create an account
  2. Enter your postal code and we will show you the stores available in your area
  3. Choose the store you want to shop from.
  4. Browse or search for the items you want and click Add to Cart.
  5. After you have selected an item, you will be able to change the quantity in your Shopping Cart
  6. When you are done selecting items, click the cart icon.
  7. Review items in your cart and click Check Out. You can delete items, or change quantities for each item
  8. Enter your delivery address, add any special instructions you want to provide to your Concierge Shopper ( for e.g. how ripe do you want your bananas, special preference for selecting Mangoes etc.
  9. Include in your instructions when you would like to have for your groceries delivered. We will contact you to confirm your delivery slot.
  10. Click Proceed to Payment, and you're all set!
  11. You will receive a confirmation email shortly to your registered email address.
  12. After your order is delivered, you'll receive your final receipt, adjusted for any out of stock items.
Why haven’t I received my order confirmation/final receipt?
We send you the order confirmation immediately after you have placed an order. Occasionally emails end up in the junk/spam folder. Please have a look there. We aim to send you your receipt 15 minutes after you have received your delivery. Occasionally, there might be a delay. However, you will receive your final receipt within 48 hours of delivery.
Where do you deliver
Please check out Postal Code Page, to check on whether we are currently delivering to your area. We will be continuously adding new service areas as we expand our services.
How do I share my shopping with family and friends
You create an account, go to My Profile, and send a Friend Request to your family and friends. You can also create a group where you can message each other, share product reviews, and specials. PriceWhirl Does not deliver to my postal code. How can I get orders from you? Although we are not offering service in your area, we may expand to your postal code soon. Meanwhile, you can utilize our remote delivery service that offers delivery in your general vicinity. All you need to do is drive by, and have your groceries loaded into your car.
What is Remote Delivery
Remote Delivery is a service for customers who do not live within the current delivery zones. When using the service, purchased groceries are delivered within a central area where you can drive by and have your groceries placed in your car.
What are PriceWhirl Hours
You can order your groceries online at anytime. However, our deliveries start from 10am each day, and may go up to 10pm, depending on your supermarket of choice opening hours. You can also order and schedule to have your groceries delivered up to 6 days in advance
Which Stores are available for shopping
Our Concierge Shoppers shop from supermarkets in postal codes close to you. PriceWhirl is an independent business and is not necessarily affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by specific supermarkets mentioned on our website